Don't despair....

  Wow, I've been away for quite sometime.
  Managing the worldly affairs... (^_^)
  Task, problem, trouble...
  Some are done, some in progress and some waiting in the list...
  Despite all the hustle, I'm greatly thankful to Allah..
  I'm still here today because of Him. Without Him i'll be long gone.. 
  Gain so much positiveness yet still have a lot to learn..
  Insya Allah, I'll be more patience and I'll do my best...

  Before I go, I wanna share one tip.
  Sometime, we fell like 'what the heck am i doing, I stuck with no progress'...
  The moment you feel that U wanna give up,
  say to urself, 'Allah is sufficient for me'. I will try my best and I believe He will help me.
  Don't let the problem affect your daily routine as a Muslim.
  When the adzan call for prayer, leaves your problem and face your Lord.
  Yes, the problem is still there for you to solve, but u now have extra energy and power to solve it.


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