Heart does turns...

salam sejahtera, kepada anda semua moga bahagia... aduh, dok nyanyi nasyid plak... hihi... It's ok, silence je =)

What is something that you have, smthg that is very close to U, very dear, but very hard to control ? 
Obviously, its the heart... and soul is heart bestfriend.. Thats why when we abundant our soul, the heart become lifeless....

Heart is hard to control. Yes, indeed it is very true.

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) would often supplicate, 
“O turner of hearts, keep my heart firm upon Your faith.”    Copied from: suhaibwebb.com

The heart in arabic is qalb and the root word itself means smthg that turns... So, its natural that our heart always weighing between options when making decisions and even when the decision is already made, we might want to change it later.

Yesterday, I woke up and very determine to forget and let go smthg that is not mine but my heart is attach to, but the thought keep coming back to me, made me wanna rethink of my decision... 
Yes, it is not easy to let go things that our heart desire, esp smthg of this world. But, never give up, purify our intention. 'I'm doing it because of Allah. He is my priority.' InsyaAllah, He is Ar- Rahman, The Most Generous, He is Al Hadi, He will guide us, answer our prayer, provide and ease the way out.

source: finewallpaperss.com


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